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We believe brevity is important when laying out guidelines, so here goes:

  1. Don't be toxic. Written abuse directed to any member of the community will be met with a permanent ban.
  2. Respect moderators. They have the final say as to what is and isn't good for the community. 
  3. Stay on topic. These forums are for discussing Hive Jump and Graphite Lab. Other topics should be limited to the Off-Topic section.
  4. No advertising or spam. Don't post commercial advertising of any sort. If you want to promote your game or Kickstarter, post it to the Indie Gamedev category.
  5. Search before you post. Do a quick search for posts similar to what you want to discuss before starting a new one!
  6. Don't violate any laws. We take intellectual property rights and other laws seriously, so moderators will remove any illegal content and ban-hammers will fly!
  7. Signature sizes: keep them within 700x100. A moderator will otherwise remove it.
Now that we have that settled, why don't you head over to this thread and introduce yourself!
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