hi from the UK

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  • korefujikorefuji Fresh Meat
    Hi guys,

    Very excited to be part of the community for hive jump. I don't think there's anything like it that remotely resembles the chaos and fun of run and gun shooters. They are a dying breed. Really excited for the project overall and I hope I can contribute in some small way. I backed it via Paypal as a slacker backer 

    PS: There seems to be some sort of forum bug where previewing the previous text remains the original text, even if you enter new text!
  • We're working on fixing some caching issues with the forum. Hopefully once we sort those out, the preview issue (as well as the sign out issues) will resolve.
  • JirrianJirrian Developer
    Welcome to the forums and Hive Jump c:!

    You're not a slacker, Haha. >:D Everyone's support is greatly appreciated :'D You all are wonderful!  
  • korefujikorefuji Fresh Meat
    yeah i think slacker backer is a term some have coined for those paying by paypal to join the hype for a kickstarter. i only meant it tongue in cheek anyway :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys
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