What attracted you to Hive Jump?

Simple question I'm curious why people backed Hive Jump. For me it was a return to old school gameplay with new school mechanics and features. To be honest Run and Gun shooters are a dying breed, and this is a welcome addition to the gluttony of zombie games, or rogue likes, and metroidvanias. I welcome them all, but right now the market is saturated with that stuff, so Hive Jump for me is a fresh design to an old style.

Plus 4 player online coop? Yes please, and with a cherry on top


  • TooverToover Fresh Meat

    To me, Hive jump scratches that itch for an old school game that you can play with friends all night. I grew up having friends over and having those video game marathons until the sun came up. Hive Jump just feels like one of those games to me. I don't have many RL friends that have a Wii U, but what I do have is a 6 y/o son who absolutely loves video games. I hope to create many good memories with him playing video games and yelling at each other to kill bugs! 

  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    The art style and music. Both where wonderful along with the amazing and friendly team this game has behind it.
  • You all are awesome!  \:D/
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    I was attracted to Hive Jump because of its art style. I've loved pixel art since I grew up on 8 bit and 32 bit systems. I love being able to replay new games in that same style.
  • M1K37H3KN1F3M1K37H3KN1F3 Fresh Meat
    Simple - Hive Jump looked like a fun game. Pick-up-and-play game mechanics and a straightforward objective, coupled with classic 8-bit graphics is just too tempting not to give it a shot.  I have invested many hundreds of hours in run'n'gun games and this one looked like a winner.
  • TheOldKingTheOldKing Exterminator
    The biggest draw for me was the couch co-op potential it has. 4 man jump squads crushing army's of bugs. Makes me feel right at home.
  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    Yeah, I crave way more couch co-op games. There's hardly any games around where you can combine you and your buddy's name, plug in the hardest difficulty and curse, blast, and scream your way into the boss room. Wish it were coming out for PS4! PC will have to do though.
  • MaxDuoMaxDuo Fresh Meat
    Someone linked it on SomethingAwful saying something about it reminding them of some other game and Super Metroid.  I really liked the look of it and wanted to back it.

    Love the idea of it.
  • erreip199erreip199 Fresh Meat
    To be completely honest, i forgot my reason to back this game (and the 35$ nonetheless), but here i am regardless awaiting to grind this thing and rant about it on the forums to make it a good game.
  • Ummm... I was attracted because of the ability to work on this fantastic game. 

    Trust me I have no bias... I swear,,,
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    I was drawn to the game when I saw it was essentially Probotector (a contra reskin) mashed up with Metroid, with awesome pixel graphics, and local co-op, with extra bug smashy goodness.
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