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I wanted to create this thread to see if the Graphite Lab team could possibly start hosting more live Web Stream videos. I do enjoy watching many of the Hive videos that ate already on YouTube because the more videos of The Hive appearing on youtube, the greater chance of attracting more gamers to play the Hive game.

However, I would love to see if the Graphite Lab team could host other unique videos. For example:

How about live streaming one of the developers working on the Hive game on their computer? The developer could stream for an hour while answering questions from viewers at the same time.

Perhaps, a live streaming show of one of the music composers playing music live during the stream? Composer could also show the process of creating one of the songs/music for the game? Perhaps the composer could also take requests or letting the viewers ask questions to the composer as well? Etc.

Better yet, how about live streaming one of the artists drawing one of the enemies/characters/etc through speed painting or using the computer or some other tool/program that the artist uses?

Another fun idea that graphite lab could do is getting 4 members from the Graphite Lab team into playing The Hive via 4 player mode? I think it would be fun and silly to see the developer, artist, composer, designer, programmer, etc all playing together via Web stream!

The ideas are endless and I'm hoping to see if other readers can come up with some ideas for Graphite Lab as well. So, type away and share some ideas that you would like to see from Graphite Lab in terms of live streaming.

I know that Graphite Lab is extremely busy right now but I'm sure Graphite Lab could find a way to host a live streaming show once a week/month or every other week? What do you think Graphite Lab?

Plus, it's a great way to attract more gamers to "The Hive" if they missed the kickstarter campaign. I would not be surprised if the new curious gamers of The Hive will send money through paypal in order to secure a copy of the game.



  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    DeafTard said:


    All Awesome ideas and I'm for all of them. I'd love to see the behind the scenes the most, programming, composing and designing mostly as you said above. I love the suggestion ^^
  • Streaming or having a podcast has been an idea that has circulated around the office many times. I believe it is something we would like to do, but our attention has kept being pulled to all of the work we do.

    Now, I would love to stream or have a podcast in some capacity. In fact I have actually started live streaming some games I play on Twitch in my personal time (I will eventually save past broadcasts).

  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    This might turn out to be one of my main tasks this summer.
  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    Kevalier said:

    This might turn out to be one of my main tasks this summer.

    I'll be joining you then! : D
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    Streaming hypu!!! I already got my channel setup and idk who, but one of the devs has visited. :D
  • MightyNoNewsMightyNoNews Fresh Meat
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    Yea, sounds like a great idea. I watched some of their streams last year. They were pretty fun to watch.
  • @Xslice55555 That was me!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement to stream more! It's definitely something I'd love to do more of, but as Andrew said it's hard to find the appropriate time. It's also challenging to be at the right point in a task where it would be fun to have someone watch! (a lot of what we do isn't that glamorous, but some of it can be quiet interesting to watch!)

    Part of the problem is that we don't have a stream machine set up. We used to have spare computers laying around the office, but now we have summer interns and all our computers are booked up!

    I'm working on putting together a stream machine right now, but it's got some strange electronic whining that builds up after about 5 minutes. It's either a power-supply issue, or a motherboard issue. I'll try some BIOS settings tomorrow, and maybe pick up and install a new power-supply if that doesn't work. 

    Once we get a stream machine up and running, I wouldn't be surprised if we do more streams! We're doing weekly playtests this summer, and we might have time to do some art streams as well. 

    Seriously though. When you guys ask for this kind of stuff, it makes us more inclined to do it! So that's for pushing us onward in a good direction!
  • We did do an initial stream on our Twitch and while you can watch the video within our past broadcasts it is additionally available on our Youtube Channel
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