If you could take a weapon from any other game...

and put it into Hive Jump. What would it be? For me it would have to be the Land Shark Launcher from Armed and Dangerous.

It would be like a bad scfi movie - bugs vs land shark, who will win? Can we expect any wackiness from the weapons, perhaps has secrets, or will they be straight faced srs biz?


  • KevalierKevalier Developer
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    I'm looking at the weapons list currently for the design document. Most all of them are pretty straight-forward and awesome.

    The humor behind the team is so quirky and fun though. It's made me a big fan. I wouldn't put a whacky weapon out of the design team's comfort zone. Ever. Just doesn't look like there'll be shark launchers or Luigi vacuums in the first early access build planned.

    That means there's plenty of room for us to spitball and run wild with our imaginations!

    EDIT: The one's that stand out the most are the backer-designed weapons. There were a few backers that got into the "help design a weapon" tier. As you might imagine, they've got some of the more spectacular abilities. lol Not because Matt D and the gang haven't got the imagination for it. Far from it! The focus right now is on laying a really really solid foundation for the first builds. Establishing a reality on which to build some surreal features, so to say ;)

    EDIT 2: My contribution though? Probably the Spartan Laser. With the 2D running and gunning, platforming with your jetpack and such? Lining up your blaster for a perfect beam of maximum collateral damage just seems like a mini-game in and of itself. I'd love that :D
  • MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat
    I don't think it suits this game, but I loved this weapon:

    I once played a game where there was a unit called Vanguard Axer.
    Unlike the name implied, it wielded a huge halberd, literally ~2.5 times as tall as itself.
    The halberd did a 1>2>3 combo, and could get empowered by overdrive.
    While the normal combo was nothing special, here's the overdriven combo:
    1. a straight jab which slightly propels you forwards
    2. swing the halberd upwards to generate a huge forwards shockwave, launches you skywards for about your own length
    3. swing the halberd downwards to slam you back down onto the ground, usually knocks people back
    You could do it 1>2, 1>2, 1>2 instead to continuously move forwards while spewing out shockwaves.
    Executing it mid-air would propel you forwards more instead of upwards on the 2nd.

    The usual setup was with a Zero Fighter NEXT BS, which basically did a forwards dash.
    You could combo it into the axe, which resulted into dash>2 instead of 1>2>3 or dash>1>2>3.
    Comboing something into another weapon resulted in the second getting a 50% damage boost for that single hit.

    Not my video:

  • TheOldKingTheOldKing Exterminator
    I want either a giant can of Raid or an oversized energised flyswatter
  • @TheOldKing Heh - I can see it now - bunch of jumpers running around with neon 99c flyswatters. *Whapish!* *Whapish!*
  • JirrianJirrian Developer
    Hah, that reminds me of things like the joke weapons in Soul Calibur 2. c:! Like in the Gamecube version Link having the butterfly net! Good stuff :D

    Butterfly net all the bugs!
  • TheOldKingTheOldKing Exterminator
    Jirrian said:

    Hah, that reminds me of things like the joke weapons in Soul Calibur 2. c:! Like in the Gamecube version Link having the butterfly net! Good stuff :D

    Butterfly net all the bugs!

    A bug net!!! If you have a second jumper, one of them could capture a bug with the net, letting you let it back to the ship to study. This could unlock a stat bonus against them or unlock new tech! Obviously you cannot carry the bug and the backpack at the same time. Would allow for some awesome solo runs through.
  • I would say the BFG 9000 from Doom. If you can't beat them, then blow every last lot of them up!
  • I think a BFB (big freaking bomb) could be a nice explosive device for Hive Jump. You could only carry one at a time though! 
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
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    I think Hive jump wouldn't be complete without a Unreal Tournament style Flak Cannon. Nice spray like a shotgun, but you can bounce the flak off walls, around corners, that kind of awesome stuff.

    *obviously not my video. ;-)
  • MattDonatelliMattDonatelli Developer
    edited September 2015
    I'm a UT99 fanatic. Always loved the flak cannon. 

    Oh..... and what's this?

  • AndrewSeversAndrewSevers Developer
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    @MattDonatelli Is that too many bullets? Nope.
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    @MattDonatelli Oh. My. God.

    That's Amazing.

    Are we going to see alternate fire modes? That would be so amazing my brain might explode. :P >.>
  • That kind of reminds me of the rocket launcher mode that fires a rocket that splits into smaller ones.
  • It would be awesome if bullets could fire in spread or auto rifle mode.
    Then, if the game worked like that, maybe the cryo beam would pierce enemies in a straight line (standard mode), Have a liquid nitrogen mist mode ( like the flamethrower ) , or fire ricocheting shards of ice. What if the tesla seekers mod I talked about (in the art cave) was one of the different modes of the tesla cannon? Or if the rockets could be toggled to seeking instead of splitting?
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