Custom "Slim" Jumpsuit

MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat
edited August 2015 in Art Cave
I haven't really done pixel art before, so I thought I'd share my first attempt.
It's heavily based on the regular jumpsuit, but a bit shorter and thinner.

Left's the regular jumpsuit, I made the one to the right:
It was pretty fun to make (still making some small changes to it), so I'll probably do more sometime soon-ish.
The font used in the picture is Kremlin incase anyone wonders.


  • Nice work!
  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    I kind of like it! It's very slim and "special forces." Perhaps a suit for the veterans as opposed to your average expendable Jumper ;D
  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    Kind of reminds me of the male vs female suits in Halo 4 
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    Almost like a scout class. Almost gives an option of run and gun or being more of a tank.
  • AH! that's super cool :D 

    A more lightweight jumper suit is definitely in the works for the Jumper skins :D

    Love the slim visor!
  • Ooh, so fresh so clean :DD Looks great! Thanks for posting! 
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