Next Build ETA?

Out of curiosity, when do you project the next playable build will be available to Alpha backers?

I'm pretty keen to get into some more bug hunting smashing and the new environments look amazing.

No rush, but super curious...


  • I'm actually giving some level design love to the new environments today! Maybe I'll do a livestream?
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    Sounds Awesome, Let us know the details if you do! :o
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    When might the next livestream be because I'm sure we're all existed to see some new stuff? :D

    I'm thinking 2:30PM or 3:00PM CST. 

    The build is in good shape for showing off some new stuff! I think y'all will like it a lot! 

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    I'm always working when you guys are streaming ;-;
  • @Burgy Sorry to hear that! We do always post highlights on Twitch and Youtube! You can check them out here:
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    I've just been watching the livestream highlights, and one thing i did notice, was that when a player goes off screen, they are literally blind.

    I couldn't find a good example, but one way to help with this (I have no idea how possible it would be with your game engine) Would be to put a little visual bubble showing the player that has ventured off screen. It's not a huge thing, but it would really help with being able to get back with the group.

    Also, is that screen area the maximum possible? Will more of the play area be visible at higher resolutions? or is it locked to the current play size? (ex: in starbound you can change the zoom level, so you can see more or less of the play area)

    I'm pumped. I can't wait to get all my friends in to play with me XD it's going to be WICKED FUN!
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    OH! OH! Also,

    at 39:50 of

    at the join screen, the Gun sprites sort of 'bob' with the characters. They should remain straight with the character bob. at the moment, the bend about half way through the weapon and it looks funny :P
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    at around 49.00 of the same video, you mention color palettes and Jumpers skins. A more skeletal robot skin will be NECESSARY.

    Sort of like my sig. That's my JAM XD

    Doooo iiiiiiiittttttt :3
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    More inputs!:
    Cryo beam idea: Have the beam similar to a laser, with upgrades increasing the width and damage.
  • @0589651, thanks for all the great feedback! 

    Here are a few things I can tell you about what you've highlighted. I'll start with the easy stuff first. 

    1. Robot jumper skins will be a thing, in fact, we'll be showing them off very very soon! (Like next week!)

    2. Jumper gun animation. Good catch, I'm sure @Bsevers18 can take a look at it to make sure it's doing what we want it to do. (Not sure if it's in the sprite and intentional, or if it's a Unity animation thing.)

    3. Cryo beam will likely undergo another re-design and improvement phase before the game launches. We'll keep those upgrade ideas in mind. 

    4. Camera stuff! So this is the complicated one. I'll explain as best I can below. 

    Because of the resolution that the art was designed at, and our desire to keep all the art "pixel-perfect" and crisp, we're limited to displaying at certain screen sizes. We can't fluidly zoom the camera in and out without losing pixel perfection and causing a lot of blurry fuzziness and other visual artifacting. If you've played Hotline Miami, they clearly don't care about pixel perfection, but we do. 

    So this means that we can have a zoom factor of 1x, what the game is currently at. Or, we can zoom in 2x as much, or zoom out 2x as much and maintain pixel perfection. 2x IN, is VERY close up, but I already have a planned use for that when talking to NPCs. 2x OUT we also have certain ideas for that I don't want to spoil, but for right now we plan of carefully designing when we use these zoom factors. There is the possibility that we'll put some of that control in the hands of the player, but it is a small and remote possibility right now. 

    And now to really answer your question about players going offscreen. If you're playing alone on your computer doing Online MP, your jumper will have their own camera, so you'll never be offscreen. However in local multiplayer, we have to prioritize what will never be offscreen in a different way. We've found that the best thing to prioritize is the Backpack. That is because, as a team, it is your mobile respawn point, your lifeline, and your objective is to get it safely to the bottom of the hive. If you fall offscreen for more than 5 seconds, you are teleported to the backpack's location with no penalty. So we try to compensate for falling offscreen in a fair and non-punishing matter. But we really do want to encourage teams to stick close and protect the backpack. 

    I believe it would be possible, with a week or two of dev time, to come up with a solution you were suggesting where you get a small camera that displays where you are if you fall offscreen, but that raises more issues. One, that offscreen camera will now use up a portion of the regular game screen, and potentially obscure hazards or enemies from the other players. Furthermore, we wouldn't be able to display a lot of space for the offscreen player that would really help them get back to the team. Therfore, for now, we're probably going to keep pushing forward with development of core features, and put this as a back-pocket idea to explore. 

    I hope that all helps answer your questions! We thrive off of good feedback like this, so please don't hesitate to add more! For us, every moment we spend on Hive Jump is a blast, but also we have to be very careful where we spend our time, and make sure we're putting it in places that really move the core game forward. Stuff like camera improvements will largely come in more of a beta phase more likey, and we're not quite there yet. 

    Thanks again! I really enjoy being able to share our inner-dev-thoughts about the choices we have to make and why we make them. I hope you enjoy it too!
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    I'll be watching more feed highlights as they come, and twitch streams (if I'm awake at the right time, Australia vs US for streaming times is a bitch), so expect more feedback. I can't wait to get into the Alpha and get some real playtesting going. :3

    Getting proper feedback from Dev's and seeing insight into a game is truly amazing. I've done a lot of beta and alpha testing over the years, and there's usually a layer of;
    Submit bug
    *cross fingers*
    Trawl patch notes for fixes

    And getting proper feedback is just amazing. I love hearing about the choices you have to make and how things will be working out.

    I totally cannot wait to see the Robot Jumper skins. *Such Excite* :3

    Camera stuff:
    I totally appreciate the goal with the Pixel Perfect viewpoint. So far Hive Jump looks really nice, and with zooming issues, Games such as Hotline Miami and Starbound, line intersections and segments can get really messy at particular zoom levels. So that makes heaps of sense.
    I really like the center focus on the backpack. I did notice that in the livestream. It keeps the action really centered on the main point of danger (the backpack). the 5 second teleport is a really good, no nonsense way to keep the group together.
    However, as you mentioned, with Online multiplayer, everyone gets their own screen, How is this going to affect Unit cohesion? Like, if everyone can go their own way, (due to their own independent screen space) What's to stop the group from splitting up immediately after jumping in? I think consistency with Local co-op and online multi would be the goal here, and this could really change the feel of both modes.

    Keep it up! Look forward to seeing more updates soon. I'm ready to jump on Alpha day one, expect HEAPS of feedback when I do. ;-)
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