Rushes, Elites, and Hazards Galore!

Attention Jumpers!

September has come and gone, and it's time for us to stop and take a moment to show you all the cool stuff we've been working on! Here's what's in store for this update:

  • Hive Threat System - Rushes!
  • Elite Enemies!
  • More Level Hazards!
  • Bonus Wallpaper!
So let's get to it and find out what lays in wait for you within the hives!!!

Hive Threat: Rushes

"For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction." These words are true even within the foreign environment of the hive. If you and your squad decimate a large number of aliens or their eggs in a short period of time, you'll be met by a rush...


A rush is a group of aliens that emerges from a nearby active (not destroyed) alien spawner. These groups are often led by alien elites. What are those you ask? Well, you'll see...

Elite Aliens

Witness what happens when an overconfident jumper comes into contact with an Elite Soldier alien...


Things didn't end so well for that jumper, now did they? As you can see, elite aliens are not only stronger and faster than their normal counterparts, but they also possess special abilities. The Elite Soldier for instance will hunt the backpack carrier, and when it strikes, the backpack will become dislodged! Remember troopers, your lives are expendable! The transponder backpack is not!

Hazardous Hives

It's not only the aliens that make hives dangerous. The very terrain of a hive is perilous! Sharp spikes jut out from the hive floors, walls, and ceilings! Strange organisms sprout forth and spew their bile at you! Even the temperature of the hive can vary wildly, as the aliens seem to cultivate different biomes within each hive... to serve what purpose? We must dig deeper to find out!


While you're digging and doing your dirty work, learn from the mistakes of your fallen comrades! Here are a few recorded incidents that you and your troops should heed.


Be wary of these barnacle-like shooters! Their projectiles will make quick work of your armor, as strong as it is. Best to study their patterns and avoid contact at all costs!


When being pursued by aliens, be wary of your footing! Otherwise you could end up like this poor soul. 


You must remain agile and light footed while traversing the hive! Staying too long in one location could end up burning you... literally.


But all is not always what it seems in the hive! If you brave the dangers and overcome them with skill and cunning, you might find hidden valuables that will aid humanity in the war effort! So stay vigilant and daring!


Bonus Wallpaper: Pod Crash


As a special treat for you our beloved backers, @Jirrian has whipped up another beautiful wallpaper for you all. Full res version available for download here:

Would you like to know more?

As always, we look forward to discussing the update with you below! Brownie points (or badges) to the first community member to point out something that we show in the .gifs above, that we didn't explicitly call out in the text of the update!



  • MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat

    Brownie points (or badges) to the first community member to point out something that we show in the .gifs above, that we didn't explicitly call out in the text of the update!

    Well, I see a shotgun in the first few .gifs..
    Also, is that turret unhittable? lol

    Great stuff!
  • *DING DING DING* We have a winner! Shotgun it is!

    You just earned the "outstanding fan" badge! :-D
  • @Meraple the turret is invulnerable, yea. Makes it pretty awesome utility.
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