Which version of the soundtrack is the PC version getting.

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The trailer on the hivejump site has music with a rougher sawblade synth sound to it. (I like this one a lot more)
While the trailer for the nintendo e shop version of the game has a smoother clear synth sound to it.

Are these for their own respective platforms?
Or is one the real soundtrack that the game is getting across all platforms?

Or is the E shop version just a different song from the same soundtrack?


  • The simplest answer to your question is that the E-shop trailer track was an adaptation of the main theme crafted specifically for those visuals and will likely not be on the soundtrack. 

    The game soundtrack is still being composed in a style BigGiantCircles likes to call fake-bit. It's not 100% chiptune music and contains other synth samples and non-chip percussive samples and guitar. You can check out more of BGC's music here: https://soundcloud.com/biggiantcircles

    The sound of the game should be similar to that of his Glory Days and Imposter Nostalgia tunes. 
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