PAX EAST Build and Such

Man, this forum has been quiet lately, but PAX EAST was this past weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to go, but I know Graphite Lab was there to showcase a new build and I was just wondering, would we be able to play that for all the folks that were unable to play it in Boston? Also, about a month back, Matt had tweeted, the link to it will be here ->, that there would be possible Multiplayer testing. Is there any news on that? Just out of curiosity. Otherwise, great work guys. I know from what I saw on twitter, the game looks like its coming along just fine. Can't wait for the alpha testing and for the full release hopefully at the end of the year!


  • PAX East was great!

    At this time we won't be releasing any more builds until Early Access. The good news is that EA will be soon. How soon? We can't say exactly at this time, but we hope to give an official date in the next backer update. 

    We WILL have a period of closed pre-EA testing that we will invite Alpha Backers to help us test the multiplayer aspects of the game in order to ensure a strong launch on Steam Early Access. That will happen the week or two leading up to the EA launch. 

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    Well, that's good to here. I'm glad that we will be able to play very soon.
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