Hype for Hive Jump

It has been quiet on here lately so I just wanna try and get people ready for the Early Access release of Hive Jump next week. Almost a week away and I'm sure we are all ready.


  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    All aboard the hype train!!!

    Leaving the station in T-Minus 7 days!!

    Chooo Choooo!!!!!
  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    Honest question for the devs. What time will it be unlocked? Seeing as we are all hyped, I'm hoping to stream it to get more hype!
  • 8 AM CST, JULY 20th!!!
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
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    *woo ninja edit dumb comment
    nvm >.>
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