My feedback after a few hours in early access.

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First off, the aiming.
While you can aim anywhere on the screen. Due to the fact that the shot originates from the end of your gun, when your character sprite snaps his arms to a different angle it changes where the shot comes from. Which can possibly mess with your aim. Easily noticable with the laser sight.

Second, I'm not sure about the pulse rounds being able to destroy weakened walls once upgraded. Seems like it makes grenades less worthwhile.

Third, something feels off with the jumping and jetpack.
The jumping feels a bit floaty, especially if you hold jump.
While the jetpack feels off due to the fact that it instantly stops you while falling. Feels like multi jumps.
You could easily just change the beginning of the jetpack flame to look more like a blast providing you that first burst of force to stop your character from falling the way it does.
Another option, would be changing how the jetpack affects the character. Making it more or less math/physics based, if the engine can support it.

Fourth. Some new weapon mods.

Scatter shot
Like spread shot, but with an inconsistant spread.
Upgrade 1, more pellets
Upgrade 2, more damage per pellet
Upgrade 3, pellets ricochet a single time.

Burstfire (pulse rifle from aliens)
High ROF (higher than pulse rounds)
4 Round burst
High Damage
High heat output (higher per shot than pulse rounds)
High temperatures lowers accuracy drastically
Upgrade 1, increase velocity
Upgrade 2, shots do aoe damage
Upgrade 3, increase damage

Heavy rifle (great for defending)
Low ROF. (About 450 per minute)
High damage.
Low heat output.
Accuracy degredation over longer periods of firing.
Lower movement speed while firing.
Upgrade 1, remove overheating
Upgrade 2, increase damage
Upgrade 3, lower accuracy degredation

Sonic shells
Low ROF.
High velocity
Average damage.
Each shot has a ring following it that does damage to enemies as well, increasing the chance to hit. (think like the effect when a plane breaks the sound barrer.)
Upgrade 1, increase ring damage
Upgrade 2, add a second bigger ring following the first ring
Upgrade 3, rings go through enemies. (actual shot does not)


  • Thanks for the feedback Tim!

    It's always good to hear from players. We will be looking into improving the aiming, but it is lower priority than other features like Online Multiplayer at the moment. 

    Thanks again!
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