Aren't "The Hive" the Bad Guys?

TotallyAtRandomTotallyAtRandom Fresh Meat
edited July 2015 in General Discussion
Maybe I'm just nit-picking, but if we as the community are "The Hive," wouldn't that make us the villains of this universe? What organization do the jumpers belong to? Shouldn't that be our name? Or maybe just "Jumpers?"



  • Here are our reasons for calling the community "The Hive"... not in any particular order.

    1. Hives buzz with activity. That's what we want for our forums!
    2. Jumpers (you all) do their work in the Hive. 
    3. It's easier to theme the forum after a location "The Hive" than an organization (the JUMP Corps). 

  • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
    We are already fighting in the JUMP Corps, so we are now a part of the Hive.
  • TheOldKingTheOldKing Exterminator
    We are all spys who successfully joined the 7 of my infiltration. The bug menace still has yet to figure out I am not one of them.
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