Early Access July 20th, Wii U FAQ, Scorcher Boss, Aliens and Weapons!

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Hi Jumpers!

Our latest update is actually TOO LONG to post in its entirety on these forums, so here's a link so you can check it out on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/graphitelab/hive-jump-0/posts/1584000

The biggest news is that Hive Jump will be coming to Steam Early Access starting July 20th, and we'll also be having a closed-alpha testing period with all of you at the beginning of July! (more details coming soon).


Feel free to discuss below!


  • MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat
    That boss looks amazing, can't wait for Early Access!

    May I ask how you plan to keep boss fights entertaining after a few runs, for replay value?
    Alternative attacks, different stages, something else?
  • We're going to play around with the idea of multiple stages.

    Also, we're going to make it so you don't always face a boss, but instead sometimes you will enter an arena and have to hold out for 2 minutes as more and more waves of enemies spawn. 
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator

    Love you guys, keep up the great work!

    Looking forward to Early Access :3 :3
  • Scott_McDermottScott_McDermott Exterminator
  • Scott_McDermottScott_McDermott Exterminator
    And will early access be available for Wii U users?
  • There is no equivalent of Early Access for Wii U, so no. If you want to get in on Early Access for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam, we can either swap your key from Wii U to Steam, or you can buy a Steam copy of the game when it launches on Early Access on 7/20.
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    In 11 days, I am going to play the absolute crap out of Hive Jump.

    Will there be a preload period? or just download when it's on EA?

    When are the steam keys going out?

  • MerapleMeraple Fresh Meat
    edited July 2016
    The gameplay feels really solid, and the visuals are even better than I expected.
    I'm glad the elite aliens have this cool purple color instead of looking trippy like they used to, lol.

    So far my only issues are the 60fps cap and most regular/elite aliens always face to the right.
    Is the fps cap permanent or will it be removed?

    Edit: Nvm just read on the Steam forums that it's necessary.
  • <3
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