Cloning bug in alpha build


I was having some fun playing around with the aplha Hive jump build, I got a surprise when I re-spawned without dying, this resulted in another copy of me that was under my control, it happened again later with three of me, it was triple the fun, triple the firepower and triple the carnage, but it's a big disadvantage to the poor little bugs I'm stomping all over! While playing with myself is rather fun. (giggity) I'd much rather give the bugs of the Hives a chance and suggest this cloning bug not be implemented as a gameplay feature despite how much fun it is controlling multiple Jumpers, I'd feel unfair if I walked all over the Queen multiple times as myself - besides cloning is unethical and causes paradoxes I don't have the brain capacity to explain! Super fun bug nonetheless, although I'm not certain what caused it but I think it's related to the dropping of the backpack? All the best to the dev team as it was the only notable one during my session! :D


  • imageI'm also having difficulty attaching a picture, and editing my posts ;n;
  • We're on the editing issue. 

    You'll have to put your image somewhere on the web (like Imgur), and then use the attach photo button in the text editor window when you post!

    We'll see if we can streamline that better sometime by letting users upload images, but we've got some bigger bugs to crush at the moment!
  • I think we've fixed this issue in more recent test builds! We'll keep our eye out for it though!

    When submitting bugs, it usually helps to include steps to reproduce the issue. 

    If you remember what you did, let us know!
  • I'm unsure how it occurred but it was on the PaxSouth demo, I was playing alone and after dropping the backpack I was unable to pick it up it wasn't long before multiple me's appeared, I'm not certain what actually triggered them because it happened multiple times with no significant clue to what was behind it - I can't say it wasn't fun! 

    Which version is currently the latest available right now? 
  • PAX South is the latest publicly available demo. I know it's been a while since you all have seen a build, but that's because we want to get to Early Access as soon as possible! Stay tuned!
  • We're all biting out nails in excitement for that next build, you know!!  O:-)
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    Anyone not on the programming team and is waiting to play it is like

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