Watermelon tastes good!

Greetings all!
The first time I stumbled upon Kickstarter I was skeptical about the way it worked, however as time went by I returned to find this little gem that is increasingly shining - Hive Jump! I was interested right away, I've also wanted to get myself into the gaming-entertainment side of broadcasting gameplay, interacting with other players, sharing footage to generate more players and entertaining fans of the gaming world. I'd also like to state that while watermelon isn't my favourite food - it sure tastes good! Looking forward to jumping with you all, squashing bugs and showing the Queen we mean business! Pumped for this game and really impressed with the effort of the team and the support from the fans, it won't be long and this game will be HUGE! Keep up the good work and doing whatever it is you're doing do it some more because you're kicking some serious butt!


  • Thanks for the encouragement! Glad to have your support!
  • No doubt! I envy your  encounters with the team getting your first hand experiences with the bugs and the hive! Can't wait to see the more and I'm loveing everything so far!
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