Magic: The Gathering

Having ordered some cards to round out my mana ramp deck, I figured our forum could use a Magic thread :D 

Any planeswalkers out there?


  • erreip199erreip199 Fresh Meat
    Got a mean Vorinclex Commander Deck
  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    I'm working on a green mana ramp deck with a rainbow end game. It needs some work, and Vorinclex is one of the guys I was looking at, for sure.
  • At the office, we generally just swap cards and make pretty casual decks. 

    We've had a tournament or two, but we don't follow tournament rules or anything.

    I was thinking it would be cool to buy a fat pack and split it up and try out new decks. 

  • @MattDonatelli is pretty spot on for how casual my decks have been. I've bought some 500 card lots from ebay so I end up with a pretty random assortment of cards and my decks show it for sure.

    I'd say my best deck is my Enchantment/Annoyance deck though I am always looking for something to make my terrible, terrible tri-color dec a least slightly less terrible.
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