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MattDonatelliMattDonatelli Developer
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Here's a fun creative challenge! Post a haiku describing a Jumper's experience in a Hive.

The structure of a Haiku is as follows:
    • Only three lines, totaling 17 syllables throughout
    • The first line is only 5 syllables
    • The second line is 7 syllables
    • The third line is 5 syllables like the first
    • Punctuation and capitalization rules are up to the poet, and need not follow rigid rules used in structuring sentences
    • Haiku does not have to rhyme, in fact many times it does not rhyme at all
    • Some haiku can include the repetition of words or sounds
    Have fun! And anyone who participates gets a super cool badge that Kevalier made!


    • MattDonatelliMattDonatelli Developer
      edited August 2015
      Alone in the hive
      Running through dark corridors
      Machine gun blazing

      -Lt. Luke Lively
    • KevalierKevalier Developer
      My suit is too tight.
      And these stains just won't come out.
      Don't buy your suit used.
    • ^I lol'ed.
    • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
      Jumping is not fun.
      My undies ride up my butt.
      Can't just teleport?
    • QaantarQaantar Fresh Meat
      Very appropriate given that I am currently in the Land of the Samurai (and difficult access to the internet!).

      Cicada buzzing
      in the sultry autumn heat
      makes me want to..... jump!
    • Harijuana7Harijuana7 Jumper
      edited August 2015
      Swarms a blaze throwing
      Flames burning bugs in this cave
      Wheres that Queen bi ~:> ch at?

      Or the censored version:

      Swarms a blaze throwing
      Flames burning bugs in this cave
      Wheres that Queen looming?

    • QaantarQaantar Fresh Meat
      Squish, squash, squishy, squash,
      The sound of stepping on bugs.
      Their big bros are next.
    • These are all amazing! Keep it up jumpers!  =D>
    • Hah, these are the best :D

      Hm here goes nothing
      Time to make a Haiku that,
      Is about Hive Jump.
    • Bsevers18Bsevers18 Developer
      edited September 2015
      The walls are all damp,
      dripping with a yellow goo,
      hope I make it back.
    • buzz buzz click buzz click
      click click click buzz buzz clicky
      buzz click click buzz click

      -A poem from the Hive residents 
    • AndrewSeversAndrewSevers Developer
      edited September 2015
      I must crush jumpers
      For that is what I can do
      Crush crush crush crush crush

      - The mind of the Crusher
    • You humans are weak
      You hide in shells of metal
      But you won't survive
    • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
      Down the Hive we go
      Until we stop, we are strong
      We the few survive
    • Xslice55555Xslice55555 Backpack Carrier
      Just wondering, do I get that awesome badge? Also, hope to see more posted cause I like them. :)
    • Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder! One badge coming right up!
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