We're going to PAX Prime as #NINDIES!


We're thrilled to announce that we are being hosted by Nintendo at PAX Prime as one of their #Nindies!

We've been hard at work over the last month and a half getting the game up and running on the Wii U. We couldn't wait to share the good news with you, but we had to keep it all quiet until Nintendo made their official announcement. Well they have, and it's here if you want to see who else will be showing in the Nindie Lounge with us: https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/YuNZrXlSJVt4qM0oupQhqA4bLcslH6XE

If you happen to be in Seattle this weekend, come see us at the Nindie Lounge and get your picture taken with Sam. Who's Sam you ask? Let me introduce you...


You can see the full album here: http://imgur.com/gallery/38TbN/new

Hope to see you at PAX! Let's blast some bugs on the Wii U!


  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    It was so hard to keep this secret.
  • AndrewSeversAndrewSevers Developer
    edited August 2015
    In case you are not following the Hive Jump twitter here are some of sweet pictures of the fun happening at PAX...

    Link to our sweet twitter: Twitter Link

    Some fantastic people handling our magnificent gun:

    There are many more fantastical people that have joined us and will continue to join us over the course of the weekend. Honestly I ran out of adjectives to use for people. Please check out the wonderful people that visited out booth over the weekend!

  • KevalierKevalier Developer
    The response looks incredible, you guys. Congratulations to the whole team.
  • AndrewSeversAndrewSevers Developer
    edited August 2015
    We've got a fancy new trailer to boot 

    Trailer Link

    While you are there check out the other Nindies trailers. So far it seems like the indie lineup for Nintendo is shaping up to be something great.
  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    Awww I hate not being able to go to the conventions that I want to :(
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