Forum Split - Cannot Post

So, in the past few days, the backer introduction was split into multiple threads, but none of the seperate threads can be commented on. Was this on purpose? Or some forum pruning gone horribly wrong?

I can't post a reply to this thread for example:

Comments or quesitons?


  • @0589651, your forum permissions were messed up. I should have just fixed them for you. 

    Let me know if it works!
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    Looks good now, Thanks!
  • 05896510589651 Exterminator
    Actually, while I've got your attention, If you click on recent discussions, All of the forum posts say '1 View', when a lot of them obviously have more than 1 view.

    Forum issue?, or a Browser issue I need to look at?
  • BurgyBurgy Backpack Carrier
    I also have this same issue if you don't mind fixing this for me as well haha @MattDonatelli
  • Ok should be fixed. Not sure why this started happening all of a sudden. We need a webmaster! >.<
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