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I wanted to ask what networking solution you guys ended up using for Unity. Are you using something like Photon? Or using Unity's built in networking?


  • RxMarcusRxMarcus Fresh Meat
    Came back to see if this question could get answered.... I'm working on adding online to my game in Unity and would love to hear what you guys are using to accomplish your networking functionality. Thanks!
  • Hi RxMarcus,

    We're not using a currently available networking solution, because we've partnered up with @YellowAfterlife to serve as a platform to make his networking tools more robust and serve the Unity/Steam communities. In this backer update we mention Vadim (@yellowafterlife) joining the extended Hive Jump team

    I wouldn't be surprised if Vadim's networking package becomes something available as a Unity Asset store package in the future. But with the particular method we're using, it requires all elements of the game to be deterministic across all clients, so your game would have to be refactored to make sure that is the case (as we have had to do over the past few months).

    Finally, aspects like Matchmaking are going to be handled exclusively through Steam. Hence why we will not be having Online Multiplayer on the Wii U. (A decision we had to make due to time and budget constraints as indies. We can't afford the time/costs of creating a whole new multiplayer component on a brand new platform and hit our launch goal of 2016).

    I hope that answers your questions!

    Thanks again for your support,

  • RxMarcusRxMarcus Fresh Meat
    Thanks for taking the time to answer, really appreciate it. Those decisions makes sense. Best of luck to you, can't wait to play Hive Jump!
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