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  • Swarms a blaze throwing Flames burning bugs in this cave Wheres that Queen bi ~:> ch at? Or the censored version: Swarms a blaze throwingFlames burning bugs in this caveWheres that Queen looming?
  • Acrid was one of the last characters I unlocked, I knew how to get him but I never would encounter him, but when I introduced my friend to the game he unlocked him first run! I feel that all the characters can get roll-off-the-edge fast with enough …
  • I'm excited! :D
  • We are now skype contacts  B-)
  • Is that Doge? xD oh so serious ^.^
  • UPGRADES!!!  :)) :)) :))
  • No way! freaking awesome! I definitely wasn't expecting much back but wow, thank you for the sneak peak!were you looking for anything in specific? :D I wasn't, but if you happened to come across the NPC I submitted, and you made it possible for me …
  • That second part was supposed to be what I'm saying to you! :o
  • Add me on Skype? Sure I'll just need your user name ^.^ 
  • No doubt! I envy your  encounters with the team getting your first hand experiences with the bugs and the hive! Can't wait to see the more and I'm loveing everything so far!
  • Sweet, I'd enjoy playing with you sometime, how would I go about doing that? :P
  • Would the probability of us seeing an NPC increase if I ask politely and batter my eyelashes?  :-j
  • We're all biting out nails in excitement for that next build, you know!!  O:-)
  • It takes wisdom to make it to an old age, either that or luck! Looking forward to squashing some bugs with you!  ;)
  • I'm looking forward to following the story, splatting alien bugs, meeting awesome jumpers along the way, upgrading our guns, finding lots of loot and sending the queen into eternal slumber! Bring on the Hive!
  • I had problems with hamachi, evolve and even port-forwarding >_
  • I'm unsure how it occurred but it was on the PaxSouth demo, I was playing alone and after dropping the backpack I was unable to pick it up it wasn't long before multiple me's appeared, I'm not certain what actually triggered them because it happened…
  • That's some awesome artwork! Chef and the mercenary are my favourite characters! I remember struggling to get the last artificat because I just couldn't get that lucky run! xD Did you too have issues getting the game online?
  • I have a facebooks with the image https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=120886198247244&set=pb.100009775924400.-2207520000.1435863509.&type=3&theater
  • I'm also having difficulty attaching a picture, and editing my posts ;n;
  • You're right, the Hive isn't my home, it's my playground and you bugs have no choice but partake in playing a little game I like to call "SQUISH SQUASH SPLAT" the blinding light will be the least of your problems when our Squad arrives, HOORAH!
  • I am so excited to see what NPC ideas the community has come up with and how the developers have tackled the designs (including mine!) :D Wish the team the best of luck in making them all extra awesome! 
  • Maybe I am anticipating hive hump :3 At least my phones tendency to change words for me automatically brought some laughter to the group!
  • Most anticipated features of Hive Jump? Personally for me I'm looking forward to seeing my personalized NPC bit don't get me wrong in absolutely pumped about the physical rewards!
  • Hi(ve) jumpers! Despite my username choice being based on my girlfriends name, you can call me Voice, Elliott, or for short EJ. I've been a big fan of video games since before I can remember, I find my expertise is in platform games and racing games…