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  • great - thanks for the reply. Maybe you start the game with a "winner's don't use drugs" message, that'd be retro :P
  • hmm thanks for the reply, though I will agree to disagree :) I wouldn't have thought this was a widely held opinion (mine that is) anyway, as it's only something that I've started thinking about
  • I kinda enjoyed the Starship Troopers movie, even if it was rib tickling at the expense of the book, and the animated CG show was pretty good too.
  • ok so a video game is what? I'm not sure. I dont' consider it art, I consider a broken toy. If you take nintendo's stance, they make toys. If you take that a step further, then you can have adult toys and toys for children. Nintendo makes toys for b…
  • Sounds like Super Turrican to me. Or maybe one the Turricans on the Amiga/ST. OR Universal Soldier on the Genesis/Megadrive
  • thanks for the welcome folks, hope to be useful in some respect haha
  • ok that's cool i'm up for a challenge. I dunno but for other forums, there are usually plugins that hide content in a post and will only reveal itself to those of a certain tier of user. it might be useful if the entire forum is viewed by any regist…
  • yeah i think slacker backer is a term some have coined for those paying by paypal to join the hype for a kickstarter. i only meant it tongue in cheek anyway :) Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  • Alpha access backers can grab the build here!  Can this be made available for Paypal slacker backers too?
  • Hi guys, Very excited to be part of the community for hive jump. I don't think there's anything like it that remotely resembles the chaos and fun of run and gun shooters. They are a dying breed. Really excited for the project overall and I hope I ca…